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Pro-Choice and Pro-Voice

Aug 16 '11


Hey here is an idea!

Stop arguing about abortion! Yahhh great idea!!!! Because guess what! The only possible argument one should partake in, in relation to abortion, is whether or not an unborn baby is human!!! Because if it is indeed a human being then abortion is murder and murder is illegal end of story!!!!!!!! So stop arguing about “If your mom had an abortion…” and “What about rape?” and “The choice of parenthood” and any other crap you are trying to make a point about!! Because that really doesn’t matter!!


Oh my God, it’s so weird that nobody’s ever thought of this before! Oh, wait, they have! And yet, I’m still unconvinced! How about that!

It’s probably because everything on your body is human, and with current technology has the potential to become separate human beings, and even if something is human, that doesn’t make it a person with full rights and legal protections, and even if it was a person with full rights of born persons, it still wouldn’t have the right to use someone’s body without their consent!


Good try, though.