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May 27 '14

flowerculture asked:

sorry but fetuses feel pain and most are actually alive durring an abortion. but thanks for ignoring the truth.








Science actually says you’re wrong, but thanks for ignoring the truth!


ye no that’s all biased information. but
i’ll just sit here and watch you support something that hurts women and the future generations to come. lol.

You realise JAMA stands for The Journal of the American Medical Association right?

You realise they are ACTUAL doctors presenting their ACTUAL finds and that I have provided numerous unbiased resources to you for all of your claims and all you have said in response was “WAAHHHH I’M NOT LISTENING” and then accused unbiased sources of being too biased because you don’t like that science and facts don’t actually agree with you and that this does not make you look reasonable, educated or mature right?

You can say ‘Oh, sorry, I guess I was wrong’ which would have made you look adult like and mature, but instead you haven’t bothered to consider that maybe, just maybe, you’re actually really incorrect and you’re failing miserably at the whole ‘facts’ thing that you insisted you had?

Present me an unbiased site then with ANY of your claims, about abortion causing psychological stress, about it ‘hurting’ about fetuses feeling pain, about any of your claims, support just one of your claims with actual, unbiased facts and I will take you a lot more seriously than I do now.

FYI any site with ‘life’ or ‘angel’ in it’s url has a clear an obvious bias, likewise if they use emotionally manipulative terms like ‘baby’ instead of fetus and ‘murder’ instead of abortion.

In the mean time I’ll be waiting here, watching you unable to back anything you have said thusfar up and make a complete fool of yourself.





You just ignored a scientific source because it was “biased” and then cited life news??? Is this real life?!

Prime example of prolife ‘research’ lmao - Rachel


I saw this late last night and was going to ask what they thought an unbiased source was. I didn’t think it would be this bad.

I need to go lie down.

May 1 '14
Mar 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

Why is it that in fetal surgery anesthesia is provided for the child? Surgeries prior to the 30 week landmark. I would be more than happy to talk to my professors and recommend some books that would show you that but it wouldn't matter because you'll dismiss anything I say. I'm not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat (if that's what you think). Probably in my naivety I thought I could change something but that's clearly not going to happen. People are entitled to their own beliefs.

If you can provide evidence that the ACOG, RCOG, and AMA haven’t already addressed, or reasons they should have looked at it differently, I would sincerely love to read it. If you’ve been following my blog since 2011, you’d know that I enjoy reading and attempting to interpret studies. I completed two semester-long research projects on music for pain relief and music during childbirth, so I have some background knowledge, in addition to my extracurricular research, that I’d be happy to share.

It’s worth noting that only 1.2% of abortions (don’t you just love citations?) are performed after conservative pro-lifers’ proposed gestational threshold for fetal pain, and are generally performed because of severe fetal abnormalities, fetal death, or a threat to the life or health of the pregnant person. Fetal anesthesia can also be administered at that point. Since my StatCounter tells me you haven’t already, I’d also recommend exploring my #fetal pain tag for a better understanding of those laws and their impact on patients and doctors’ ability to do their jobs.

I’d like to stop cluttering up my followers’ dashboards with this fragmented question/answer format, so if you want to continue the discussion, please just submit whatever you’d like, and we can keep it to one post and reblogs. Thanks.

Mar 29 '14
Mar 14 '14
"Don’t be fooled. The political momentum for 20-week bans isn’t actually about compromising, or about adhering to a specific deadline that will prevent fetuses from feeling pain. It’s really about finding an initial foothold to chip away at Roe v. Wade, and then continuing to move the goal posts. It’s the first step in a larger strategy to cut off legal abortion access altogether, cloaked under the guise of a “moderate” policy."

The Secret Strategy Behind 20-Week Abortion Bans

Reminder that there is no scientific evidence to prove fetal pain exists at 20 weeks. Even the scientists behind the studies used by pro-lifers to push this argument have said their work has been misinterpreted and misused.


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Statement on HR 3803 (fetal pain unlikely before third trimester)

Fabrizi et al. (2011). A shift in sensory processing that enables the developing human brain to discriminate touch from pain. Current Biology, 21(18), 1552-1558. (fetal pain at 35-37 weeks)

Lee et al. (2005). Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence. Journal of the American Medical Association, 294(8), 947-954. (fetal pain at 29-30 weeks)

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists updates its guidance (fetal pain after 24 weeks)

Feb 28 '14
Feb 25 '14
"Why do none of the people who say they care so much about theoretical “fetal pain” ever think that demonstrable maternal pain is worth mentioning?"

Reproductive Choice Is About More Than Getting “Fat” - It’s About Bodily and Economic Autonomy

I had to pull another quote from the same article because it’s just so good. Go read it. Do it.

Jan 22 '14


Imagine someone making your heart stop, then sucking out your brain so your skull can collapse, so it will be easier for them to cut off your head, pull you out of a small space then proceed to cut you up into little pieces, sticking you in the freezer for a week and then proceed to dispose of you like your waste and not a living creature.

Remember you can feel it all until your brain gets sucked out of your head.

good night.

Imagine understanding that, not only do fetuses not feel pain before 24 weeks (possibly even 37 weeks), it would be impossible for them to continue to feel pain after their heart stopped and they died. Pain perception is a very complicated topic in neuroscience, because the way we perceive pain is not simply stimulus —> perception; it includes developmental, psychological, emotional, genetic, and physiological factors, as well as our past experiences with pain. Assuming fetuses perceive pain the way children and adults do is an immense leap.

You’ve described one of the rarer abortion procedures, known as dilation and evacuation (D&E, different from intact D&E, aka partial birth abortion), and only performed in the second trimester. Twelve percent of abortions occur after 12 weeks, and only 1.5% even come close to the point when a fetus may be able to perceive pain:


So, if we’re going to pretend this is a realistic scenario, here is how it would happen:

Imagine learning that the baby you’ve been anxiously awaiting for is diagnosed with multiple fetal anomalies. Imagine learning that they will not survive long past birth, if at all, and that their short life will be filled with nothing but pain and confusion, or in a vegetative state. Imagine knowing you could never afford the interventions necessary to keep your child alive and in as little pain as possible, nor can you afford the time you yourself would have to commit to their care, knowing all the while they will die before they reach puberty. Imagine the pain and anguish you, as a parent, will experience while deciding what is kindest for your child and your family.

This is what late term abortion is like.

Nov 7 '13

A 20-week abortion ban is moving to the Senate after being approved by the House. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is expected to introduce the bill today, which would ban all abortions after 20 weeks based on the medically unsound theory that fetuses can feel pain at that point. There may be some narrow exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the pregnant person.

Dana Weinstein, a mother of two, made the decision to have an abortion after discovering her baby’s brain was malformed and that her baby was not viable. Now she is speaking out against the ban.

As a mother, I didn’t want to bring this child into this world for her only to exist in immense pain and suffering. Being able to come to a decision that was right for us is really what’s important here, and that’s not for a legislator to decide.

This is a nation-wide ban on abortion. Please contact your senators and tell them to respect families and vote NO on the dishonestly-named Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Aug 11 '13
"“You have a lady who ruptures her membranes — there’s no way she’s going to get to 24 weeks,” Davis says. “But just looking at her now? She has normal vitals. So what do you tell her [in a state with a 20-week ban]? ‘You have to sit in the hospital and wait until you get very sick. Then we can end the pregnancy.’
“If you did that under any other circumstance it would be wild negligence. If you had a patient that you knew was going to get an infection and did nothing, what kind of doctor would you be?”"

Fetal Pain is a Lie: How Phony Science Took Over the Abortion Debate

Conservative politicians are willingly endangering their constituents over junk science and their personal religious beliefs.

Aug 11 '13
Jul 2 '13

You people are a pain.


You people are a pain.

Jul 2 '13
Jun 19 '13

Baby steps are still steps




I’m guessing its hard for people to understand why I’m so happy.

I will put is as my darling friend said on Facebook

“It’s the first time since 1973 that legislative action in either federal chamber has been taken to defend the unborn”

The first time on a national level

Oh man I’m so happy

So you’re happy that there is the potential for women* to start resorting to illegal abortions, which likely will lead to their physical injury and/or death? That’s nice.

Not even gonna bother with the general gist of the OP’s commentary, but can I did want to point out that this is just plain ol’ incorrect.

How soon people forget the federally passed legislation of the 2003 Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

I see the GOP is hard at work expanding their base to include…more old, white, Christian men? It cracks me up - in the saddest way possible - whenever they try to pay lip service to any other demographic group. They thought putting Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) would somehow negate the notion that women* can’t be trusted to make decisions about their bodies, lives, and families. It’s ridiculously transparent.

Anyway, the Senate is Democrat-controlled (not that they’re good for much these days), and the president has said he’ll veto it. We can always rely on Congress to waste our money and time!

Aug 17 '12