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Mar 30 '14
Diary Entry 12: Nikki, 26 (New Orleans, LA, 2001)


Nikki shares her story of obtaining an abortion while she a high school freshman in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jan 28 '14
Jan 27 '14
"In fact, the new DHH regulations could decrease patient safety, putting patients at a higher risk of complications. As pregnancy advances, procedures become more involved and more costly, said Ellie Schilling. And because Louisiana already bans abortion after 20 weeks, a patient who seeks a legal abortion at 16 weeks could be forced either to seek an illegal abortion or to forego the procedure altogether after waiting 30 days for a blood test."

Louisiana is attempting to shut down all abortion clinics in the state

No doctors were consulted about the new regulations, nor were abortion providers notified about the new rules. Even general hospitals don’t have regulations like this.

Folks in Louisiana, please get to Baton Rouge for a hearing on Wednesday morning, email with your comments, or submit your opposition (must be received by Jan. 30) to:

J. Ruth Kennedy

Bureau of Health Services Financing

PO Box 91030

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0930

Jan 27 '14
Jan 27 '14
Jul 3 '12

Help Someone Access a Safe Abortion

The lone abortion provider in Mississippi is in danger of being shut down in a little over a week. They are being flooded with calls from people desperate to get the health care they need before it’s too late. Already, many people in Mississippi must travel out of state to get a safe, legal abortion. This requires driving for hours, possibly staying overnight, and finding someone to take care of their children (61% of people who get abortions already have at least one child).

Now’s the time for that famous southern hospitality. Mississippians need help accessing abortion. They may not have transportation, a place to stay, or child care. If you can provide any of these things, even just a ride to the clinic or a couch to sleep on for a night, please contact the Abortion Assistance Blog. Here are some of the clinics people will be visiting:


Jackson Women’s Health Organization


New Woman All Women Health Care, Birmingham

Planned Parenthood, Birmingham

Planned Parenthood, Mobile

Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery

West Alabama Women’s Center, Tuscaloosa


Planned Parenthood, Fayetteville

Planned Parenthood, Little Rock

Little Rock Family Planning Services (only clinic that provides abortions after 8 weeks)


All Women’s Health Center, Inc., Gainesville

Bread & Roses Women’s Health Center, Gainesville

North Florida Women’s Health & Counseling Service, Tallahassee


Bossier City Medical Suite

Causeway Medical Clinic, Metairie, New Orleans

Hope Medical Group for Women, Shreveport


Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health

Memphis Area Medical Center for Women

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood of the Greater Memphis Region

Planned Parenthood, Knoxville

Planned Parenthood, Nashville

The Women’s Center, Nashville

Volunteer Women’s Medical Clinic, Knoxville

If you live near any of these clinics, or have a place to stay along the journey from Mississippi, you could be the one to help someone in need access a safe, legal abortion. Please contact the Abortion Assistance Blog, and make a difference in someone’s life.

Apr 14 '12

Update on Forced Ultrasound Laws


Virginia is now the 8th state with forced ultrasounds before abortion. When it passed its law, it joined Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas

Texas has the harshest forced ultrasound law currently in effect. As Andrea Grimes reported,

“Texas has the most extreme law that’s being enforced right now,” says the Center For Reproductive Rights’ Julie Rikelman, the lead attorney on the CRR’s lawsuit filed against the Texas legislation. Despite the sympathetic leanings of a federal district judge who initially ruled on the case, the suit has more or less been stalled by a vehemently anti-choice Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which denied the CRR’s requested injunction against enforcement last month.  Now, that means that all aspects of the law—mandated ultrasounds, 24-hour waiting periods, and forced speech—are now in full force in Texas.

Oklahoma’s forced ultrasound bill, which was similar to TX’s, was struck down by a federal court recently.

North Carolina, which also has passed a harsh TX-style forced ultrasound bill, is unable to enforce their law pending a court decision.

Pennsylvania’s forced ultrasound bill is officially kaput, at least for this year.

And, as Robin Marty reports, Iowa:

What is the difference between a traffic light camera and a mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound?  One is a violation of privacy, according to Iowa legislators.

Can you guess which?

The Iowa legislature is considering banning traffic cameras due to “privacy concerns.”  And those who are arguing for the ban are the same who think all women should be forced to undergo forced ultrasounds prior to an abortion.

These laws will affect all those with the ability to become pregnant.

Mar 21 '12



While Texas is only state currently forcing people to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, AND VIRGINIA all have forced ultrasounds before an abortion. 

Oklahoma and North Carolina have passed similar laws to the one in Texas but they are not being enforced due to pending court decisions.

Guttmacher’s updated .pdf of what ultrasound laws are passed and in effect in which states.

Aug 16 '11
Jul 15 '11

Jesus Loves Everyone… on Flickr.
Meanwhile in southern Louisiana

That seems oddly specific.


Jesus Loves Everyone… on Flickr.

Meanwhile in southern Louisiana

That seems oddly specific.

Jun 14 '11
Apr 29 '11