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Jun 29 '14

Bébinn Is On Hiatus!

From July through December, I’ll be working at a demanding music therapy internship, with no time to blog about reproductive justice. I fully intend to return in January, but until then, this how you can use what’s already here:

  • The Navigation page will take you to virtually any pro-choice, reproductive health, or reproductive justice topic, and the Resources page has lots of information on all your options.
  • The Science! page and #science tags are great for debunking anti-abortion myths and learning more about reproductive health research
  • If you have questions about or need support in seeking an abortion, everything I know (funds, hotlines, procedures, clinics, and more) is in the links at the top of the page. Considering Abortion? may be the most useful.
  • My side blog, Expose CPCs, will also be quiet during this time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to spread the word about deceptive anti-abortion centers!
  • While I have terrible willpower, I don’t intend to check my Tumblr while I’m working. If you have a question that needs an immediate answer, someone in People I Follow may be able to help you.
  • Please read and consider reblogging the following posts! Stay informed and look out for each other.

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$10 off Plan B/Emergency Contraception

How to Identify Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Seven Most Common Lies About Abortion

A huge thank you to all my followers who stick with me until the winter, and thanks to everyone else who reads and shares. See you next year!

Jun 27 '14

ombreh asked:

My mother views pregnancy as beautiful since she loved her own experience. She also worked as a pre-natal nurse and witnessed all the uglyness of pregnancy. She still thinks it's a beautiful thing, but she knows it can get ugly on a whim. She never knew about pro-life and pro-choice before I told her. She's horrified at the thought of banning abortion. My mother, who saved babies for over 25 years, is pro-choice.








It’s amazing how many people in the medical profession are pro-choice.

I love the little lists these pro-lifers make, compiling pro-life doctors. There’s like…what, four or five hundred on there? Not sure. Out of how many doctors in the country? Hah.

I have spoken to a family friend who happens to be a doctor. He told me that he believes many medical professionals to be pro-choice because they have seen what can go wrong, and believe the choice is up to the person dealing with the situation. He obviously cannot speak for everyone. But I still thought it was a valid opinion.

I see a lot of pro-lifers talking about how you should never go to an OB/GYN who is not pro-life. Which is just nuts to me. Like somehow a pro-choice doctor will value a patient less than a pro-life one. I actually believe the reverse - I think the pro-life doctor will care more about the fetus, no matter what state its in, than the patient. 

Pregnancy is what YOU make it. If it’s beautiful to you, fantastic. If it’s scary, that’s just as valid. No telling people how to feel just because you feel that way.

Your mom sounds awesome.

I hope to eventually become a doctor, and I am leaning towards OBGYN or neonatologist. If I am an OBGYN, I am well within my rights to refuse to perform an abortion. (Abortion and miscarriage are NOT the same thing). However, it is not my place as a professional to act with my personal beliefs in mind. If a patient wants an abortion, they will have to go somewhere else to get one but I will not go by the term “pro-life doctor”. I am pro-life, but as a doctor, my beliefs are not an aspect of patient care.

But hopefully by that time, abortion will be much more rare than it is now:)

Here’s the thing.

If an OB/GYN does not wish to perform an abortion, I am not about to try and force them. I think it is terrible decision making to go into a field knowing full-well that you’ll be put in that situation, but that is, of course, your call.

The problem I have is not necessarily that an OB/GYN would refuse to perform an abortion; the problem I have is the methods by which a pro-life OB/GYN may convince a woman to carry out a dangerous pregnancy because they do not approve of an abortion.

I think as a professional, it is the OBGYN’s job to offer the woman all of her legal options and let her take it from there.

It is terribly refreshing to see a pro-lifer acknowledge the importance of unbiased medical counseling. However, please understand that you are representing the VERY FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.

There are many, many pro-life individuals who would do anything to prevent a woman from terminating her pregnancy. This gets particularly dangerous in the medical field, as many pregnant people do not have the medical expertise to know whether their pro-life doctor is being fully honest with their possibly dangerous pregnancy. There have been situations like this, and people have died as a result.

If every pro-life OB/GYN were open to unbiased medical counseling, and able to provide a referral should the pregnant person in question want an abortion, I’d be just dandy. Unfortunately, I do not think this is a reality; nor do I think it ever will be.

Could you direct me to the sources of when women died or almost died from biased medical care? Thank you!

The most obvious one was the case of Savita Halappanavar. She died due to the pro-life views of both the country and her medical professionals.

I would also like to highlight another reblog that I’m confident you saw already:

Bear in mind that Oklahoma, (and possibly other states) has passed laws that make it legal for a doctor or other health professional to LIE to a woman if they fear she will have an abortion.  For example, a doctor can say the fetus is perfectly normal when he knows it will be born with defects, or lie and say the defect is easily treatable when they know it is profoundly life-changing or lethal.  They can lie to a woman about the effects to her body and her life if the pregnancy is continued. This law was REQUESTED by pro-life doctor, who wanted to avoid the professional and legal consequences of putting their own ideology above the health, life, and interests of their patient.

I should have brought this  up myself but it slipped my mind. This is very true and very scary - medical professionals are now legally permitted to lie to their patients if they so choose. This is a scary advantage for pro-life OB/GYNs.

Angela Carder, Kathleen Prieskorn, “Janet,” Tumblr user kerbiemarie, Beatriz in El Salvador, Mikki Kendall, Tamesha Meansthis Catholic hospital’s employee…which means there are countless others whose stories have never been publicized.

Jun 19 '14
"It is noteworthy that even as they work to restrict access to abortion care, leading U.S. antiabortion organizations and their political allies have essentially no agenda to help women avoid unintended pregnancy in the first place. Their positions on contraception range from outright hostility to, at best, proclaimed neutrality, and their political allies have slashed—or attempted to do so—funding for family planning services…
…In stark contrast to trying to coerce women’s reproductive decision making by restricting access to services, reproductive rights advocates have long pushed for policies…promoting affordable, high-quality contraceptive information and care to prevent unintended pregnancy; helping women with planned and unplanned pregnancies alike to achieve healthy pregnancies and to raise their children with dignity; and improving access to safe, affordable and timely abortion care in the event of an unwanted pregnancy."
Jun 10 '14
"…it is clear that some women do experience sadness, grief, and feelings of loss following termination of a pregnancy, and some experience clinically significant disorders, including depression and anxiety. However, the TFMHA reviewed no evidence sufficient to support the claim that an observed association between abortion history and mental health was caused by the abortion per se, as opposed to other factors."

Mental Health and Abortion - American Psychological Association

There is no such thing as “post-abortion syndrome” or “post-abortion stress syndrome.”

Jun 7 '14
"Women obtain abortions for different reasons; at different times of gestation; via differing medical procedures; and within different personal, social, economic, and cultural contexts. All of these may lead to variability in women’s psychological reactions following abortion. Consequently, global statements about the psychological impact of abortion on women can be misleading."

Mental Health and Abortion - American Psychological Association

Saying “Abortion Hurts Women” ignores the millions of people it doesn’t hurt. It decontextualizes and weaponizes the pain of those who are hurting.

Jun 7 '14
Jun 7 '14

My Abortion Experience

One woman talks about her first-trimester abortion.

Jun 7 '14
"I have told my abortion story from the pulpit. For weeks after that worship service, I was getting lots of phone calls from women in the congregation who also wanted to share their stories of abortion, or their stories of how they were prevented from having an abortion and forced to put a baby up for adoption and mourning that loss, or stories of being forced to have a baby at an early age and how that changed everything."
Melanie, 61, Louisiana, Unitarian Universalist Minister: I’m a Mother, and I Had an Abortion
Jun 7 '14

June 7: Abort Stigma!

If anyone wants to join AbortStigma, but doesn’t know where to start, I have a huge list of abortion experiences!

Jun 5 '14
Jun 4 '14
Jun 2 '14
"When mothers are thinking about terminating a pregnancy, it is often out of love and consideration of how your family is functioning at the moment, and trying to figure out, “Can I financially afford this baby? Can I emotionally afford another child and all the things it might bring up in my current relationship? Is it fair to the children I currently have if I’m not able to provide all the things that I would like to for them - the basics, like childcare?”"
Jun 2 '14
"The harder people have tried to stop me from doing this work, the more important is to me that I continue to do it."

Dr. Cheryl Chastine

Five years ago tomorrow, Dr. George Tiller was murdered by an anti-abortion activist. Today — in spite of continuing intimidation, harassment, and violence that abortion providers face every day from opponents of safe and legal abortion — providers like Dr. Chastine are determined to stand up for a woman’s right to make personal medical decisions, and to provide quality, compassionate care to the patients who need it.

Throughout his career, Dr. Tiller was committed to providing compassionate care to women and their families — no matter what.  Five years later, his loss is still being felt by all of us. Thank you, Dr. Tiller.

Jun 2 '14

In lieu of some of the (awesome) pro choice blogs reblogging my stuff and following me,



So I noticed a few pro life blogs following me/liking some of my posts. People are free to share my blog as they please, and like everything I write, but I cannot stress enough that this is NOT pro-life blog. This is a pro women, pro choice, pro do whatever the hell makes you happy blog. 

Adoption is an option, but not always the RIGHT option for every pregnant woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant. Adoption is not and never will be the alternative to pregnancy. It is an alternative to parenting and that’s it. 

If I ever got pregnant before I was ready too again, despite having a very positive experience (mostly) with adoption, I would have an abortion. Adoption was the choice I made because, and if I’m being completely honest, it was the only option available to me at the time.

This is not and will never be a blog about condemning those who chose to have abortions, to scare girls into making an adoption plan instead of having an abortion. 

So feel free to like my stuff, reblog my posts, but know what you are getting yourself into here. I am fiercely pro-women in the aspect I want every woman to be able to choose what they want to do with their bodies. I am pro choice purely because I don’t think anyone else has the right to tell someone how to live their lives. If someone wants to parent their child, great. If someone wants to make an adoption plan, great. If someone wants to have an abortion, great.

And if that’s not what you’re here for, please feel free to leave. Because I’m telling you the second that I see some anti-choice ‘pro-life’ bullshit reblogging my stuff, and taking it out of context, I will lose. my. shit. I’ve made other people delete their blogs over stuff like this. 

Just a friendly warning :)

Just in case you stumble across my blog from seeing a post from a pro-choice blog and start trolling for shit to use for your propaganda filled, anti choice bullshit :) I don’t mind sharing my story and helping educate, but I will never condone someone using my words to take away someone else’s choice.  

May 27 '14

a11ie-gator asked:

Hi! So I recently took a stand on the abortion issue and decided I'm prolife, but at the same time, I'm pro-contraception. & I just don't understand why adoption can't be the option for unplanned pregnancies. Could you explain to me why adoption is a bad alternative?


Adoption is an amazing alternative for people who are pregnant and don’t want to or feel that they cannot parent.  It is not, however, an alternative to pregnancy. 

So while pro-choice people are very for adoption as an option, the “but there’s always adoption” argument doesn’t fly.  Of course there is adoption, but that doesn’t stop you from being pregnant.  And if the pregnancy is the problem, adoption isn’t the solution.  

People seem to think of adoption as the easiest solution to an unwanted pregnancy, without thinking of the potential emotional, physical, social and financial costs of pregnancy and birth, and the intense emotional bonding that happens over 9 months of pregnancy. They also don’t think about how the shaming of single parents plays into adoption decisions, or how the lack of resources that contribute to deciding on abortion also restrict the possibility of actually freely choosing adoption.

While it works wonderfully for many people, adoption is not always the sunshine-and-roses answer many pro-lifers seem to think it is. There are many birth mothers on Tumblr who will tell you the same. It’s a serious decision and it deserves to be treated with respect.