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Pro-Choice and Pro-Voice

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Jan 25 '12

Pro-life Feminist = Creationist Geologist



The more I see about how pro-lifers can’t be feminist, the more disgusted I get. If that were the case then reproductive rights would be the only thing feminist fought for. Last time I checked we like to focus on things like expectations of women in businesses and society, and rape culture too. Not to mention equal pay, women in the military, and oppression overseas.  

If you’re a modern wave feminist I can see where it would be hard for you to be pro-life. But as a feminist in general, well to be frank, that’s not for other people to decide. Mary Wollstonecraft (considered THE Mother of Feminism) was anti-abortion, as was Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (The wonderful ladies responsible for achieving voting rights for women in the United States). 

Where they not feminist? I think they were. 

That’s a different time period.  It seems too regressive to compare contemporary feminists to feminists then.

Be a feminist in general.  Identify as however you want.

It still won’t make sense to be anti-choice and a feminist at once because of what an incredible oxymoron it is, but go for it. 

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked together 160 years ago. Mary Wollstonecraft lived over 200 years ago. I’d say measuring today’s feminism against their standards is pretty fucking regressive.

Having to reach that far back to validate your cause does say something about today’s pro-life feminism, though.

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Nov 1 '11
Sep 17 '11

Pro-choice; because women choosing abortion because their finances dictate that, means she doesn’t have a choice.



Actually, this is fairly accurate. In surveys taken of people who get abortions, financial worries are a common factor cited in the decision. It is entirely possible for people to want, but be unable to afford a baby.

“Choice” does not occur in a vacuum. It is influenced by class, ability, health, family, and the community, along with a host of other factors. “Choice” for a mother of three with an abusive spouse means something very different than “choice” for an upper-class feminist college student, and it does us no good to overlook that.

Class is a pro-choice issue. Poverty is a pro-choice issue.

I know that financial woes plays a very big role in whether or not someone has an abortion. The pro-life people however are saying that, she doesn’t really have a choice then, and thus WE PROCHOICERS are the assholes cuz financial constraints leaves women without choice.
I guess these assholes don’t realize that regardless of the reasoning behind having an abortion, it’s still ultimately the impregnated person’s decision. We’re the ones fighting to make sure there are safe options, pro-life are the ones taking one option away, but we’re trying to limit her choice.

They make no sense. They make my brain bleed.

They make my head hurty, too, sometimes :(

It’s the pro-life feminists who make this argument the most often. Like, “Oh, people get abortions because they can’t afford pregnancy and babies, so instead of first working to eliminate the factors that make it difficult to afford a pregnancy and a baby, let’s sweep this one super-important option from under their feet without first making sure they’ll be okay!”

Myeah. I tried reading a pro-life feminist book once, but I kept wanting to throw it across the room and then it was overdue and I had to return it. I shall conquer it someday.