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Help Someone Access a Safe Abortion

The lone abortion provider in Mississippi is in danger of being shut down in a little over a week. They are being flooded with calls from people desperate to get the health care they need before it’s too late. Already, many people in Mississippi must travel out of state to get a safe, legal abortion. This requires driving for hours, possibly staying overnight, and finding someone to take care of their children (61% of people who get abortions already have at least one child).

Now’s the time for that famous southern hospitality. Mississippians need help accessing abortion. They may not have transportation, a place to stay, or child care. If you can provide any of these things, even just a ride to the clinic or a couch to sleep on for a night, please contact the Abortion Assistance Blog. Here are some of the clinics people will be visiting:


Jackson Women’s Health Organization


New Woman All Women Health Care, Birmingham

Planned Parenthood, Birmingham

Planned Parenthood, Mobile

Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery

West Alabama Women’s Center, Tuscaloosa


Planned Parenthood, Fayetteville

Planned Parenthood, Little Rock

Little Rock Family Planning Services (only clinic that provides abortions after 8 weeks)


All Women’s Health Center, Inc., Gainesville

Bread & Roses Women’s Health Center, Gainesville

North Florida Women’s Health & Counseling Service, Tallahassee


Bossier City Medical Suite

Causeway Medical Clinic, Metairie, New Orleans

Hope Medical Group for Women, Shreveport


Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health

Memphis Area Medical Center for Women

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood of the Greater Memphis Region

Planned Parenthood, Knoxville

Planned Parenthood, Nashville

The Women’s Center, Nashville

Volunteer Women’s Medical Clinic, Knoxville

If you live near any of these clinics, or have a place to stay along the journey from Mississippi, you could be the one to help someone in need access a safe, legal abortion. Please contact the Abortion Assistance Blog, and make a difference in someone’s life.

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imthealphalpha asked:

I seriously love you. The way you cut down the anti-choicers is amazing. I have a question about abortion laws for minors. The age of majority in my state (MS) is 21, and until then, you must have both parents' permission to get an abortion. If I were 18 and needed an abortion, could I cross into Tennessee to get one or would they be obligated to follow Mississippi's laws and deny me service?

Aw shucks.

In answer to your question: Yep!

I found a nifty map indicating which states get the most out-of-staters coming in for abortions:

A bit from the table, just ‘cause I think it’s interesting. These are the percentages of abortions obtained by people coming from out of state:

(DC’s reporting isn’t mandatory, so take that one with a grain of salt.)

I’ma go ahead and plug the post on abortion funds by state, since some of them also offer lodging for people traveling long distances.

(Okay also I have to tell you that I just started watching Torchwood and oh my god I love it. LOVE. IT.)

Sep 7 '11


““What would be an appropriate jail sentence for a 20-year-old University of Tennessee student who has an abortion?””

Question posed to three Republican candidates for TN state senate.   (via iamdrtiller)

Yes, if the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, then I would vote to make abortion illegal in Tennessee. It’s important that the stated position of government be on the side of the unborn and life and advocating for that, rather than discuss the hypothetical prosecution of a hypothetical student. As with illegal drugs, law enforcement efforts should focus on the abortion provider. The person who had the procedure done or done to them would be the victim not the criminal.”

That is some bullshit. 

It’s insulting, is what it is. The victim of a crime has no culpability and was not responsible for the crime committed. By framing people who have had abortions as victims is to say that they had no agency, no say in the matter. It implies that they were victims of their own ignorance. It is sexism, pure and simple; not because everyone who gets an abortion is a woman, but because that is how anti-choicers see us, and that is how they discriminate. Silly, desperate women who can’t see past the tips of their selfish noses. They just need guidance, poor things.

We are not ignorant. We know what abortions do: that’s why we fucking get them. Enough with the patronization.

(Source: stephherold)

Aug 18 '11