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Jun 28 '14
"The narrative around any act of anti-abortion violence quickly turns to talk of lone wolves, sick individuals acting outside the parameters and without any support or encouragement from “mainstream” or “nonviolent” organizations. Again and again, however, perpetrators of violence and extreme acts of harassment are shown to be directly connected to the same network of people and organizations."

Adding Cubs to the Pack of Lone Wolves

Anti-abortion terrorism is not an anomaly. Fill people with talk of “baby killers,” “whores,” and “enemies of God” from the time they are born, teach them to mercilessly terrorize patients and staff, and murder is nothing more than the inevitable endgame.

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To make this absolutely clear: Operation Rescue has been connected with multiple acts of anti-abortion violence and terrorism. A member of the group was the plaintiff in the recent Supreme Court buffer zone case (McCullen v. Coakley). And they won.

Jun 27 '14


Cultureshift said that the difference between prochoice and prolife are stark. And he’s right. 

They have an entire page documenting how much they value life.. and we… don’t. ;) 

And here I was finding all the mugshots of the doctor-killers and clinic-bombers…

Jun 26 '14
Jun 20 '14

Montana Abortion Clinic Vandalism Suspect Requests Bail Be Reduced to Zero


"The man who allegedly severely vandalized a reproductive health-care facility in Kalispell, Montana, requested that his $100,000 bail be reduced to zero on Thursday.”

Read more here:


lol no

Jun 2 '14
"The harder people have tried to stop me from doing this work, the more important is to me that I continue to do it."

Dr. Cheryl Chastine

Five years ago tomorrow, Dr. George Tiller was murdered by an anti-abortion activist. Today — in spite of continuing intimidation, harassment, and violence that abortion providers face every day from opponents of safe and legal abortion — providers like Dr. Chastine are determined to stand up for a woman’s right to make personal medical decisions, and to provide quality, compassionate care to the patients who need it.

Throughout his career, Dr. Tiller was committed to providing compassionate care to women and their families — no matter what.  Five years later, his loss is still being felt by all of us. Thank you, Dr. Tiller.

May 26 '14

People are still on this “mental illness” theory with the UCSB shooter

I just posted this in a thread on Facebook:

"We cannot believe normal people could commit terrorist acts, so we look for abnormality. As efforts to find gross abnormality fail again and again, attention has been turned to more subtle shades of aberration, in a seemingly never-ending effort to realise latent preconceptions." (Cheshire-cat logic, Silke)

"…as for empirical support, to date there is no compelling evidence that terrorists are abnormal, insane, or match a unique personality type. In fact, there are some indications to the contrary.”
"Research on the psychology of terrorism has been nearly unanimous in its conclusion that mental illness and abnormality are typically not critical factors in terrorist behavior" (Psychology of Terrorism, Borum)

While the mental health of the shooter may be up for debate, that debate itself doesn’t appear to be relevant or useful in addressing the larger problem of mass murders. Mental illness in perpetrators also has no correlation with violence against women (Why Does He Do That?, Lundy)

May 18 '14
May 18 '14
May 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey do you know of any scholarly or academic articles or journals about abortion doctors being targeted with violence? I been looking and can't find any.


I had to write a paper on anti-abortion violence for my Domestic Issues class, and I found several using my university’s online library (the University System of Georgia uses Galileo).

I can’t really link those to you, but if you’re a student, you should have something similar to look through. Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you needed!

These are books, but you could try Carol Joffe’s Dispatches From The Abortion Wars, Eleanor Baider and Patricia Baird-Windle’s Targets of Hatred: Anti-Abortion Terrorism, or Jerry Reiter’s Live From the Gates of Hell: An Insider’s Look at the Anti-Abortion Movement. I think my public library just received Stephen Singular’s The Wichita Divide, about the murder of Dr. George Tiller, so I’m going to check that out, too.

May 3 '14

Clinic Invasion, Pensacola, FL, 1986 (Storify by @Nartist)

In 1986, members of the Pro-Life Action Network, led by Joe Scheidler, attacked Pensacola Ladies Center employees and trashed the clinic. Eight years later, in that same city, an abortion provider and his bodyguard would be murdered, the first of four doctors to be killed by anti-abortion extremists.

PLAN is now the Pro-Life Action League, which recently targeted a clinic escort, pro-choice journalist, and abortion provider during Lent.

Click through for the rest of the 40 tweets describing the attack.

May 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

I just went through your "We're not ALL like that!" tag and I just want to say I'm so glad for the things you say. My family was deeply involved with Operation Rescue when I was a kid, back when they did sit-ins. Yet they would say "Oh, we're not like the people who bomb clinics or shoot abortionists. We're not extremists." I feel so bad for the probably-terrified women who had to get through their protests, sometimes literally wading over them so they could slip in the door.

I’ve watched videos of anti-choicers outside clinics before the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, and it’s sickening. That is extremism, and it is terrorism. They would do and say the most horrible things to patients, and the look in their eyes…

Even their presence outside clinics is intimidation. Abortion providers, some who wear bulletproof vests to work every day, say they do so because they never know who is hiding in the crowd. A doctor in Kansas was murdered outside his church five years ago. A Florida clinic where two people had been murdered in 1994 was firebombed three years ago, and a Planned Parenthood was bombed that same year. A clinic in Montana was destroyed just two months ago. You can’t know.

May 2 '14
"Most of the news coverage of John C. Salvi III has portrayed him as a confused person making nonsensical statements alleging conspiracies against Catholics. In fact, almost all of Salvi’s conspiratorial statements echo paranoid scapegoating theories long circulated by a specific sector of right wing anti-abortion organizations active in the Boston area and nationwide. Some of these aggressive anti-abortion groups call abortion providers evil and claim to be fighting an “abortion Holocaust.” A few of these anti-abortion militants suggest that abortion providers deserve death."
John Salvi III went on a clinic shooting spree in 1994. He murdered receptionists at two different Massachusetts clinics and wounded five others. He, like many other violent anti-abortion extremists, was publicly connected to the Army of God, a terrorist organization that advocates for violent retaliation against anyone associated with abortion.
Apr 30 '14
"I have to say I’m more concerned about the children in the womb and their life than the feelings of born children."

Anti-choice protestor and mother, and a member of Abolish Human Abortion. AHA members have stationed themselves outside a local high school and elementary school in Portland, Oregon, holding large, graphic images of dismembered fetuses.

AHA’s founder once served time for an attempted church bombing, and the organization compares itself to the slavery abolition movement, despises all kinds of birth control, and wants people who get abortions to be tried for murder.

Apr 10 '14

Anonymous asked:

sometimes I go through tumblr, facebook, and even real life arguments on abortion, and tend to take note on the violent tension building up in most who stick with this topic. Do you ever think maybe a small revolt, or (god forbid) a war will break out over the topic?



Personally, no. Not from our side anyway.

If however, abortion was made legal, excuse my French but shit would go down on the pro choice side.

People have long forgotten that there used to be a time where people lived without legal abortion. People don’t want to have safer or less sex. They want to be reckless, safe in the knowledge that the consequences of their actions can be “terminated” easily.

So if and when this easy get out of jail free card gets taken away and people actually have to think about their actions and the consequences of said actions (planning and precaution… oh the horror) people are going to get very angry. - gabbie

lol you’re full of shit, the “pro life” side is violent and hateful and aggressive as shit. You guys can’t even shut the fuck up about being told that you have to harass people from a distance. What makes you think that it wouldn’t be your side to snap?

We probably would just do abortions anyway, really. I know damn well if abortion became illegal, I’d make it a priority to know how to perform a safe one. I’m not the only one who thinks like this.


Actually, people have long forgotten that when abortion was illegal, people died. People pulled out their own intestines, drank bleach and turpentine, and bled to death alone on motel room floors. Even now, women in the Rio Grande Valley are turning to self-abortion and illegal abortions because of clinic closures. My mind reels at antis’ inability to comprehend and empathize with that level of desperation.

Oh, and we have records of abortion dating back to 1550 BCE in ancient Egypt. Regardless of legality, for as long as people have been pregnant when they didn’t want to be, abortion has existed.

And just to be petty, let’s not forget which movement has murdered eight people and made martyrs of their killers, bombed a few dozen clinics and attempted/threatened to bomb hundreds more, stalked staff and their children, vandalized over 1000 clinics, set fire to over 170 buildings, screams abuse at patients and staff every day, and purposely uses violent, religious rhetoric and imagery to inflame followers (but immediately denies responsibility when someone takes it “too far”).

(Hint: It’s the movement that calls itself “pro-life.”)

Apr 9 '14

What are you talking about? Being a piece of shit outside of clinics is perfectly legal. You just have to stay a certain distance away. Cry harder.

The case before the Court is against minuscule (seriously, 8 feet) buffer zones that would keep protestors a respectful distance from clinics. Only three states and a handful of cities in the US currently have buffer zones.
I mean, honestly. Shoot eight people and bomb a few hundred clinics, but you’re asked to back up a few feet and suddenly you’re being oppressed.


What are you talking about? Being a piece of shit outside of clinics is perfectly legal. You just have to stay a certain distance away. Cry harder.


The case before the Court is against minuscule (seriously, 8 feet) buffer zones that would keep protestors a respectful distance from clinics. Only three states and a handful of cities in the US currently have buffer zones.

I mean, honestly. Shoot eight people and bomb a few hundred clinics, but you’re asked to back up a few feet and suddenly you’re being oppressed.

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